Sponsored every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00pm at The Missing Link Street Ministry Mission. This Ministry was started approx .18 Months ago in the North Central District of Troy, due to the high incidents of violence and drugs associated with this neighborhood and community and having been a product of these vices that ruined my life for so many years.The yearning to at least try to make a difference in the lives of these individuals was a mandate in this preachers life, having heard the call of GOD to bring attention to the constant violence in this neighborhood that was taking the lives of so many young people, i asked my bishop The Right Rev George E. Battle Jr, if he would allow me to create a mission in this area of  Troy New York.He heard my plea at the 2007 Annual Conference here in Troy New York and gave me my first Pastoral Appointment to start this ministry and the marches led to the birth of our new very well known and proven Venue of the greatest commandment Jesus gave in Matthew 25: 35-46, to feed those who are hungry and clothed those that are naked and to visit those who are imprisoned.By the grace of God We have weathered the naysayers as well as those who said we could not do it in this neighborhood, we were gifted the Core Church for $1.00 and have made dynamic changes to the building, but more so we have made a tremendous impact in the lives of all that attend our Feed-A-Kid program and all our concentrated efforts in that community as well as in the City of Troy to make our community a safer place to live and making sure “No Child Goes to Bed Hungry” despite the addictions of drugs and alcohol in their household.We have done so much with so little because people see the transparencies and the honesty in our ministry that will enrich and make a difference in the lives of all that come in contact with us, are prayers are that God will continue to send the right people into the vineyard and that we continue to feed the physical as well as the spiritual with Gods Word!!!We invite anyone at anytime to please visit our mission and see the smiles upon the faces of these children and families each and every Monday, Wednesday and friday at 6:00pm, and see how God is using me and this ministry to make a difference in the lives of His People.